Tagg.ly at the Mobile Journalism Round Table

4 November 2014

Tagg.ly was a very proud to be a sponsor of the Digital Future Forum‘s Mobile Journalism Round Table. Tagg.ly Co-Founder Isaac Phillips wrote the following on his blog about round table:


After releasing Tagg.ly in April, I have been speaking to many journalists about their trade.  Journalists from Vice, Fusion, WSJ, ABC, Fox, and other news organizations use Tagg.ly to brand and get credit for their media. While conversations started about using our free tool, journalists and media professionals began asking other questions about live production from mobile, social media broadcasting, digital investigations, user generated content, and online security.

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Tracking Social Media Following during Ferguson

16 September 2014

This study spells out the need to recognize individual journalists as equally as, if not more, influential than a single news organization. Each journalist increasing their follower base by at least 30% shows that the audiences interest in the individual journalist is relevant.

During the weekend of August 15th VICE sent three journalists to Ferguson, Missouri to report on the civil uprising that occurred after the murder of Michael Brown. These three reporters, Tim Pool (@Timcast), Claire Ward (@thementalward), and Alice Speri (@alicesperi), received strong recognition for their on-the-ground reporting and constant updates on twitter.

After reviewing the numbers, VICE (@Vice) gained over 20,000 twitter followers over the course of the Ferguson reports and video dispatches that broadcasted the events that took place. However, the reporters in the field also felt a drastic spike in their twitter follower base. All three reporters gained a total of 28,125 followers after the release of their Ferguson reports.