Tagg.ly Pro is a platform for branding, tracking, and monetizing social content across multiple influencer accounts.

  • Connecting your newsroom to the social media accounts of your team
  • Comprehensive tracking of media shared by your team on social networks
  • One click, mobile branding for photo and video on all platforms


In August 2014, we did a study to see who had a greater reach, the branded accounts (@yourbrand) or the influencers that work at your brand. We studied three NYC media companies: NYTimes, Vice, and WSJ. The results are below.

Brand Opportunity

Twitter Influencers: 47%
Instagram Influencers: 40%

Brand Opportunity

Twitter Influencers: 35%
Instagram Influencers: 39%

Brand Opportunity

Twitter Influencers: 15%
Instagram Influencers: 58%

Tagg.ly Pro is a bespoke solution that helps media organizations seize the brand opportunity. It is comprised of web-tools for editors and mobile apps for content creators.